RFMW , Ltd. announces design and sales support for two new single-pole, multi-throw switches. The SKY13414-485LF is a SP4T and the SKY13418-485LF is a SP8T. Both parts cover a broad frequency range of 100-3000MHz and are pin compatible with each other. The SP8T offers 0.65dB typical insertion loss with >20dB of isolation while the SP4T provides 0.55dB insertion loss and >25dB isolation. Integrated decoder logic and high linearity make they ideal for switching applications commonly used in LTE-based data cards and tablets.  Their symmetric design and higher power handling also provide flexibility in signal routing for higher power TD-SCDMA/TDD-LTE, WCDMA/FDD, and LTE transmit/receive functions.

Details on the SKY13414-485LF can be found here: http://www.rfmw.com/PortalProductDetail.aspx?ProdId=458559

Details on the SKY13418-485LF can be found here: http://www.rfmw.com/PortalProductDetail.aspx?ProdId=73873