Cypress Semiconductor today announced that Lite-On Technology Corporation has selected Cypress’s 2.4-GHz WirelessUSB-NL radio-on-a-chip for its next-generation wireless keyboard and mouse set. WirelessUSB-NL’s low power consumption enables two AA batteries to power the mouse and keyboard for up to three years. The long range of WirelessUSB-NL also enables the wireless mouse and keyboard set to operate at a distance of up to 30 meters. Lite-On will also use Cypress’s enCoRe II and enCoRe V low-voltage companion microcontrollers for the USB dongle and mouse/keyboard respectively.

WirelessUSB-NL boasts -87 dBm receive sensitivity to enable longer range operations. The device features very low active and standby current (less than 1 uA), and has a closed-loop radio architecture that minimizes signal frequency drift for very robust radio performance. As with other Cypress WirelessUSB families, the WirelessUSB-NL device offers superior performance in the presence of common interference from 2.4-GHz sources such as WiFi, Bluetooth, cordless phones and microwaves.

WirelessUSB-NL is complemented by Cypress’ enCoRe II and enCoRe V low-voltage, highly integrated microcontrollers, offering manufacturers a single source of supply and support. WirelessUSB-NL also supports Cypress’ Agile HID protocol that allows existing WirelessUSB customers to get started quickly on their designs without any additional effort. More information on the WirelessUSB-NL product is available at