tde-trans data elektronik has expanded its successful modular plug and play cabling system tML-tde Modular Link with the innovative tML Dark Fiber Modules for 40- and 100 GbE networks. With these modules tde manages to integrate the glass fibers that normally remain unused. The user has a packing density of 48 ports per rack unit available, requiring only 384 fibers instead of the normally 576 fibers.

A 12-fiber MPO/MTP connector is used for 40 GbE networks as a single-row standard. Eight fibers are actively operating with four fibers each for transmission and reception. The middle four fibers are generally not in action.

“With the enormous increase of cable lines and space required in data centers nowadays, it is a waste to leave the excess fibers simply unused. We have developed the tML Dark Fiber Modules to make these fibers accessible for use”, André Engel, CEO of tde - trans data elektronik GmbH in Dortmund.

With the new tML Dark Fiber Modules tde enables the additional use of the four "dark" fibers for data transmission. This procedure reduces the required fiber volume by 33 percent. Only 384 fibers instead of the usual 576 fibers are required for 48 ports in one rack. The result is a significant reduction of cable volume. It is similar with 100 GbE networks where tML Dark Fiber modules ensure the use of all 24 fibers. In addition, at 100 GbE it is possible to convert from 12 fiber to 24 fiber MPOs.

The tML tde Modular Link System
tML is a patented modular cable system that comprises three core components: Modules, trunk cable and rack mount enclosure. All system components are prepared and tested in the factory before going out to data centers or industrial environments, where they are predominantly installed. The plug & play installation ensures that systems can be up and running in the shortest amount of time. There are fiber optic and twisted-pair modules, which can be used together in a single rack mount enclosure achieving a very high port density. The heart of the system is formed by the rear-mounted MPO/MTP and telco connectors, which enable the connection of at least 6 ports at once using 10 GbE or GbE performance.

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