Microchip Technology Inc. expanded its Multi-Purpose Flash Plus (MPF+) portfolio with four new compact 512K x16 Parallel Flash CMOS devices: the SST39VF401C, SST39F402C, SST39LF401C and the SST39LF402C. Manufactured with CMOS SuperFlash technology, these low-power, 2.7 V to 3.6 V, x16 Parallel NOR Flash devices present a split-gate design and thick-oxide tunneling injector for reliability and design simplicity. All four devices are positioned to help reduce engineering design cycles, and improve overall product performance and responsiveness, which enables a better end-user experience. The SuperFlash technology featured within the SST39VF401C/402C and SST39LF401C/402C guarantees fixed program and erase times that do not deteriorate over time, according to the company. Desirable for consumer electronics, industrial devices, automotive, telecommunications equipment and embedded systems requiring low-cost and versatile updating of program or data memory, the devices deliver active current as low as 5 mA (typical) and standby current of 3 uA (typical) to extend battery life in accessories, sensors and battery-operated equipment.

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