WAGO Corporation’s 2060 Series Board-to-Board Connection Link is positioned to in-line assembly of several LED modules into a single string. A companion to the company’s 2060 Series SMD Terminal Blocks, which use PUSH WIRE connections to eliminate hand-soldering leads, the Board-to-Board Link consists of solid pins. The pins insert directly into 2060 Series Terminal Blocks on adjoining PCBs. This minimizes labor (no manual wiring) and materials needed for connecting LED modules. The 2060 Series Board-to-Board Link supports LED retrofits. Facility managers, for example, can swap outdated linear fluorescent lighting for higher-efficiency LED modules consisting of small boards connected via Board-to-Board Link. Board-to-Board Link configurations range from 1–6 poles. The Link also features 4-mm pin spacing and carries a 9-A nominal current rating. Because the Link connects blocks in-line while maintaining pin spacing, any number of poles can be used with 2060 Series Blocks.

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