FCI has developed a QSFP+ based (quad small form-factor pluggable) active optical cable assembly that meets Infiniband Compliance Testing requirements. The XLerate High Speed I/O active optical cable assembly is fully compliant to the Infiniband FDR (Fourteen Data Rate - 14 Gb/s per channel) specification, and is now on the Infiniband Trade Association (IBTA) Integrator’s List. 

The XLerate-4X QSFP+ FDR cables are used in applications that require greater aggregate bandwidth of up to 56Gb/s, exceeding the capability of QDR QSFP+ cables that can only deliver 40Gb/s aggregate bandwidth with using 10Gb/s signals per channel. The XLerate-4X QSFP+ FDR cables from FCI are available in both direct attach copper (DAC) as well as active optical variants.

The XLerate-4X QSFP+ cables increase linear PCB board port signal density to meet emerging industry bandwidth requirements of 56 Gb/s per port capability as defined by the Infiniband QDR and FDR standard. The connector interface and EEPROM are fully compliant to the SFF-8436 specification and these QSFP+ cables deliver four times the port bandwidth than the SFP+ systems deliver. The XLerate-4X QSFP+ Series is particularly well suited for high transactional systems that are typically deployed in data center, networking and high performance computing applications.

The XLerate-4X QSFP+ Series consists of an SMT 38-position edge card connector (10Gb compliant), a PCB-mounted EMI metal cage, a diecast heat sink with mounting clip and copper-based passive and active optical cable assemblies.