To offer more features and greater flexibility as demanded by the market, SmartAVI has created the SignWall video wall solution. SignWall is a powerful video wall processor that comes bundled with a robust software package with no recurring fees.  The software accommodates more than just video playback, it supports a broad range of media types that can be used to create stunning multimedia presentations.

SignWall is expandable from a 2X2 to a 4X4 configuration thanks to SmartAVI’s new advanced video synchronization technology. This gives you the power to create a 4X4 video wall that supports distributed video processing. In other words, the playback of a single video can be distributed to 4 separate processors, which is a significant advantage over traditional single-processor video wall systems. The synchronization takes place over a simple IP network and up to 4 SignWall processors may be linked to play in concert. SignWall has the power to playback video over 16 displays with perfect clarity and precision.

SignWall is capable of capturing 1080p HD video in real-time and displaying it in any configuration. This feature makes it easy for someone to playback a video on the SignWall without having to capture the video ahead of time and converting it into bulky files. To capture HD video, simply connect an HDMI compatible player to the SignWall’s HDMI capture port and press play.

The SignWall system comes bundled with SignWatchPro, the perfect tool to ensure the video wall installation is functioning properly. Using a high-resolution digital camera (not included), SignWatchPro monitors the SignWall installation and reports back with images and video. It can display a live video or it can be scheduled to periodically take still images and video throughout the day. The images and video are accessible anywhere in the world via the internet. They can be sent to an ftp server, via SMS to a phone, or via email.

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