Mosaic has added a new member to its family of embedded plug-in I/O modules called Wildcards. The LCVR Wildcard is a liquid crystal controller, compatible with all Liquid Crystal Variable Retarders (LCVRs) and appropriate for driving most other nematic liquid crystal devices. It is said to be the only commercially available LC controller-driver suitable for embedding in a microcontroller-based OEM instrument.  This small LCVR driver board sized only 2” x 2.5” provides a 2 kHz AC voltage with zero DC bias to prevent the separation and build up of charge, which can otherwise limit LCVR device lifetime. Drive frequency is jumper selectable and amplitude may be dynamically programmed with high resolution. Mosaic’s LCVR Driver Wildcard produces a 2 kHz symmetric square wave of programmable amplitude with a precisely controlled 50 percent duty cycle and zero DC component. The output voltage is programmable, and the frequency may be changed if needed. This LCVR driver may be used with any of the company's single board computers. It requires an analog voltage input, which can conveniently be generated from the DAC output of an Analog I/O Wildcard. The output of the LCVR driver is connected through a coax cable to the liquid crystal device or optical modulator.

Mosaic Industries