CW Industries has introduced a new push button alternate action latching switch. The GCL-536 series push button switch was designed to mate with customer insert molded and lead frame manufactured components in automotive interior applications. The switch is designed to be easily customized for specific customer operating force, mounting and termination requirements including PCB, Quick Connect,Wire Lead, and Plug In. The switch can be adapted into low profile applications where space is limited. Rated at 1 A 125 VAC, 3 A 14 VDC, the SPDT ON-ON switch can be operated either directly by the end user or indirectly by means of a lens or incorporated into other operating mechanisms. The audlble and tactile response features of the switch can be customized to meet unique requirements such as “soft touch,” “quiet” and “firm.” The rest and latched height are easily discernable by the end user to identify the contact state. This switch is RoHS compliant and appropriate for high volume applications where cost and strict quality parameters  are required.  This switch is manufactured on fully automated equipment incorporating state of the art manufacturing and quality assurance techniques.

CW Industries