Lantronix, Inc. announced the launch of the xSenso, a compact DIN-rail or wall mount analog device server (ADS) that enables sensors with analog outputs to transparently send real-time data to any node on the network or over the Internet.  Suitable for data acquisition and alarm notification in critical environments, the unit remotely monitors and logs data from a variety of sensors including temperature, humidity, pressure, level, flow, weight, and gas/air quality transmitters. Its embedded Web server allows for easy monitoring of input and output readings, as well as charting or logging data using browsers on computers, smart phones and tablets from anywhere in the world, according to the company. In applications where analog sensors and controllers are used, xSenso can be configured to send notifications via email or text message when readings are outside a pre-defined range, thus allowing control engineers to take immediate, corrective action when thresholds are met. Additional features include two analog inputs, Ethernet port for communication, USB port for configuration, 256-bit encryption, and an operational temperature of -40°C to +85°C.

Lantronix, Inc.