The CSM Series from Stackpole uses a metal alloy plate, which is protected by a thin molded package.  The 2512 size adds the ability to achieve resistance values above 10 milliohms ranging from 2 milliohms to 100 milliohms with a TCR of 75 ppm.  The 0603 size offers a 10 milliohm resistance value, which is among the industry’s lowest value for the 0603 size and does so with a TCR of 100 ppm. The CSM Series appropriate for portable power supplies, battery management, voltage regulators, robotics, industrial controls, small motor controls, portable barcode scanners, portable communications devices, instrumentation, UPS systems, network diagnostic equipment, medical diagnostic and monitoring equipment, portable cordless power tools, and lighting. Pricing for the CSM Series varies with size, tolerance, and resistance value and ranges from $0.13 to $0.25 each in full reel quantities.

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