Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced its new MICRO3 line of blade fuses. This new line combines two individual fused circuits in a single sub-miniature body, making it an desirable for space-constrained electrical systems. The fuse is less than 15 mm wide and offers the same 5-mm terminal spacing and electrical performance as its single-fuse counterpart, the MICRO2. It is also designed to perform in a wide thermal operating range, from -40°C to over 125°C, and is therefore rated for high temperature (under hood) operation. In addition the fuse is asserted to offer a tighter overload tolerance than industry standards (120 sec max at 135 percent Ir), which enables customers to further optimize their wiring systems. The MICRO3 is available in four different current ratings, ranging from 5 A to 15 A, with a 32 VDC rating and standard 2.8-mm terminals. These products allow for more circuits in a smaller space, helping to decrease harness weight, maximize available area and lessen overall complexity in automotive and other applications.

Littelfuse, Inc.