PEM unthreaded KEYHOLE and SNAP-TOP standoff fasteners are designed to mount and detach PC boards, panels, or components easily without requiring any tools or additional hardware. Both families of fasteners are designed to provide secure and reliable attachment, reduce or eliminate risks associated with loose hardware potentially damaging internal circuitry, and ultimately enable “screwless” designs of subassemblies. PEM KEYHOLE (Type SKC) stainless steel self-clinching standoffs allow for a PC board or panel to be slipped quickly into place and then removed from an assembly by simply sliding the board sideways and lifting it off. Further security can be achieved when used along with a single threaded standoff. PEM SNAP-TOP (Types SSA, SSS, and SSC) aluminum, steel, and stainless steel standoffs clinch into metal sheets and Type KSSB brass standoffs broach into PC boards. They employ a spring action to hold boards and panels securely, while allowing for their quick attachment and removal using a simple snap-on/snap-off operation.