Standex Electronics manufactures Rogowski coils and modules in custom configurations to meet high current metering applications.  They are desirable for use within hybrid circuit breakers and other components used in smart metering.   Rogowski coils are wire wound “air” core toroids used to measure AC current.  The AC current that is measured creates a magnetic field which induces a voltage in the Rogowski coil that is proportional to the change in current.  They are suitable for high current metering applications because of their high accuracy. Advances in digital IC measurement technology have increased integrator reliability, fueling their acceptance within applications such as smart metering. Among the benefits of this proven technology are low cost, good linearity over measurement range, good high current measuring capability, low power consumption, no DC/high current saturation problem, low output variation with temperature, no DC offset problem, and no saturation and hysteresis problem.

 Standex Electronics