MEDER electronic announces the availability of the MK21 series of magnetically operated reed proximity switches. The MK21 is designed to withstand extreme environments, high temperatures up to 160oC, fuels, water, and corrosive liquids

The MK21 series is available in four operate sensitivities and two models, all with extensive options such as high-power switches and choice of cable terminations and lengths. The MK21M is a molded high temperature model, with a maximum switching voltage of 180-200V. The MK21P, a potted sensor, is available with a maximum switching voltage of 180V. Both can be used with the mating M21 magnet, or any of MEDER’s other magnets in casing or permanent magnets.

The MK21 series is designed for screw mounting, with the sensor mounted on a fixed surface and the actuating magnet on the moving surface. The series fully complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

MEDER electronic Inc.