Rochester Electronics has continued to manufacture AMD’s 80C188 commercial grade 16-Bit microcontrollers in a 68-pin PLCC package. Utilizing Rochester’s eight-million AMD80C188 die, the 80C188 is available in any original AMD package and speed option.  Rochester can also manufacture a lead-free version, which is ideal for newer applications that require modern environmental standards including RoHS. 

 The 80C188 microcontroller is the redesigned CMOS version of the original 80188, which was introduced in 1982. The 80188’s enhancements included DRAM refresh, a power-save mode, and a direct interface to the 8087 or 80187 floating-point numeric coprocessor.

 The 80C188 features an 8-bit external data bus, instead of 16-bit on the 80C186, making it less expensive to connect to peripherals. The 80C188 is otherwise very similar to the 80C186, and has a throughput of 1 million instructions per second.


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