Renesas Electronics and California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) released a new SiGe:C High Frequency Low Noise Transistor, the NESG7030M04. The NESG7030M04 SiGe:C Low Noise Transistor delivers low noise figure and high gain with low power consumption from UHF to 6GHz. Fabricated with Renesas’ latest 100GHz fT SiGe:C process, the NESG7030M04 is a desirable LNA device for 5-6GHz Wi-Fi 802.11ac, electronic toll collection, and general short-range wireless communications. Typical specifications at 5.8GHz include noise figure of 0.75 dB and associated gain of 14 dB, while requiring bias voltage and current of only 2V and 5mA. The NESG7030M04 is available in Renesas’ RoHS-compliant flat-lead M04 package.

Renesas Electronics