EAO Corporation offers custom designed and produced HMI Systems and Components for use in modern industrial machinery.  With over sixty plus years of international award-winning recognition, EAO is able to propose and integrate both intuitive and innovative HMI Systems and Components to meet the specific needs and challenges often found within these hazardous environments.   Market knowledge, experience, and specialization is applied to rigorous applications ranging from single purpose machines such as bending, cutting, forming, and extruding to more complex systems that can require intelligent communication systems.

EAO’s products excel in environments where dust, dirt, heat, and water can often effect operation, reliability, and equipment productivity.  HMI Systems designed and manufactured by EAO can be custom-built for individual applications by a team of in-house experts.  A use of “mixed technology” is often employed in order to provide a complete solution.  These can include a touch screen or display, membrane keypads, discrete pushbuttons and emergency stop functions all combined into a rugged housing and connected through an appropriate serial bus interface.  Supplied HMI Components can range from a comprehensive offering of pushbuttons, indicators, keylocks, rotary selectors, and emergency stop switches critical to machine safety.

All EAO products are available in a wide choice of industry accepted mounting configurations including standard panel or the ever increasingly popular flush mount style.  EAO HMI Systems and Components are built to the highest quality and design standards.

EAO Corp.