cable-based antennasW. L. Gore & Associates has developed new cable-based antennas (often referred to as leaky lines or leaky feeders) that improve signal propagation without increasing the amount of hardware required on an airplane. Ideal for both wide-body and single-aisle passenger aircraft, GORE Cable-Based Antennas provide reliable access to different wireless protocols so passengers can easily connect to in-flight entertainment, Internet servers, and email accounts. GORE Cable-Based Antennas are easily installed along the length of the cabin ceiling, and passengers are assured reliable access. Passengers’ signals are transmitted via a signal network computer and outside antenna to satellites that connect to the worldwide network. Unlike typical broadband technology, the versatile GORE Cable-Based Antenna reduces airline costs, requiring only one set of hardware to service the entire aircraft. This lightweight antenna sends and receives signals in frequencies ranging from 400 megahertz to 6 gigahertz, so it’s compatible with numerous communication standards, including Bluetooth, DECT, DECT2, Global Star, GSM, IRIDIUM Sat, MMS, PDC, TETRA, UMTS, WLAN 802.11 a/b/g, and WiMAX.

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