Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced the Agilent U2020 X-series. These compact, high-performance USB sensors allow engineers to test devices quickly and accurately.   The product’s measurement speed (3500 readings per second), along with its internal zero and calibration function, enables users to test with greater efficiency at a lower cost. Agilent’s U2020 X-series sensors also come with built-in trigger functions. The trigger-in function allows accurate triggering of small signals close to the signal noise floor. The trigger-out port allows users to perform data logging, while the video-output feature allows use of the USB sensors with an oscilloscope. These sensors operate without needing a power meter or external power supply. These portable sensors are also appropriate for field applications. And the N1918A Option 100 Power Analyzer PC license key delivers software that performs pulse analysis similar to a power meter.

Agilent Technologies Inc.