Ix Innovations announced the general availability of its PocketPico P200 PowerMate energy optimization instrument. Designed specifically for embedded systems engineers and other low power electronics developers, the instrument accurately measures current from 10 nA to 30 mA in a single measurement range and charts system energy usage over time. According to the company, developers can optimize both hardware and software for maximum energy efficiency within any development environment and on any development platform. PowerMate works as an independent tool, providing flexibility across development systems. It requires only three connections to a user’s system: two connections on a source line to measure and source system voltage and current, and one line to provide a common ground. Features include real-time energy profiling and graphing; single measurement range, providing fast & accurate data collection; independent or cooperative operation within any development environment; intuitive, easy-to-learn display and control software; and power via USB, no external power needed.

Ix Innovations
734-926-5900, www.pocketpico.com