Pentek, Inc. introduced a system synchronization and distribution amplifier, the Model 7893 PCIe board. This synchronizer is designed to support up to 8 Pentek Virtex-6 Cobalt and Pentek Virtex-7 Onyx boards at sample clock rates up to 800 MHz. In the cascade mode, up to eight 7893 boards can be linked to allow 64 Onyx or Cobalt boards to receive a common clock along with timing signals for synchronizing, triggering and gating functions. Synchronization is beneficial in multichannel applications such as phased array radar, diversity receivers, and direction finding and beamforming antennas. These applications abound in military systems, but are also used in medical imaging and industrial inspection systems where beamforming improves the image resolution. The Model 7893 enables synchronous sampling and timing for a wide range of multichannel high-speed data acquisition, DSP and software radio applications.

Pentek, Inc.