Freescale introduced an Xtrinsic six-axis sensor that combines high resolution motion sensing and heading technology with an accelerometer and a magnetometer in a single package. The new Xtrinsic FXOS8700CQ sensor is optimized for mobile applications, including augmented reality, gaming, navigation and location-based services that require highly accurate orientation data. This expands a portfolio of MMA845x accelerometers and MAG3110 magnetometers to combinational sensors with lower power consumption and increased embedded features in a small 3 x 3x 1.2 mm package. The Xtrinsic FXOS8700CQ 6-axis sensor combines a 14-bit accelerometer and 16-bit magnetometer with a high-performance ASIC in a single 3 x 3 mm package. This eCompass solution is capable of providing a typical heading resolution of 0.1 degrees and sub-5 degree heading accuracy for most applications. The 6-axis sensor has a wide dynamic range of plus or minus 1200 microTeslas that allows for flexibility in placement on printed circuit boards that incorporate permanent magnets such as speakers and vibrator motors.

Freescale Semiconductor