ADL Embedded Solutions Inc. has announced the ADL3GQM67PC. The ADL3GQM67PC features 3rd generation Intel Core Ivy Bridge processors built on Intel's new 22nm 3D Tri-gate transistor process. It features an integrated HD4000 graphics engine with DirectX 11.0 support and vastly improved performance over the 2nd generation Intel Core graphics engine.

The ADL3GQM67PC is drop-in compatible with the 2nd generation Intel Core ADLQM67PC Sandy Bridge platform which uses the 6-series QM67 chipset. Use of the QM67 chipset allows for a quick time-to-market with a robust and stable chipset, and a smooth transition for customers to leverage their ADLQM67PC 2nd generation Intel Core designs with an easy drop-in upgrade to 3rd generation Intel Core performance in the future. Intel has now announced their line of 3rd generation Intel Core processors for the embedded roadmap which enables production release of the ADL3GQM67PC in the latter half of 2012.

ADL Embedded Solutions