Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced a fully integrated proximity and ambient light optical sensor, the VCNL4020, which includes an IR emitter, a photo-pin-diode for proximity, a signal processing IC and a 16-bit ADC.  The sensor, with a low height of 0.8mm, features an interrupt function, supports I²C bus communication interface, and simplifies window and sensor placement.  For mobile devices, the VCNL4020 saves power by turning off the display backlight when close to the user. The VCNL4020 also functions at any depth below the glass window and provides a programmable LED drive current from 10 mA to 200 mA, allowing distances up to 200 mm. To increase the range of the proximity sensor to up to 1 m, the VCNL4020 also includes an integrated external emitter driver. The sensor offers quality ambient light suppression by modulating the infrared signal and the emitter wavelength peaks at 892 nm with no visible "red-tail."

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.