M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc.  introduced a new 6-Bit digital phase shifter for communication antenna and radar applications.  The MAPS-011007 is a GaAs pHEMT 6-Bit 1.2GHz to 1.4GHz digital phase shifter with an integrated CMOS driver. Housed in a 4mm 24-Lead PQFN Package, the phase shifter provides a 360-degree phase shift range with a step size of 5.6 degrees. The MAPS-011007 is suitable for applications where high phase accuracy with minimum loss variation is required. The design minimizes variation in attenuation over the phase shift range and facilitates easy implementation. The GaAs pHEMT 6-Bit phase shifter meets the performance requirements of communications and radar system manufacturers, with a rapid switching speed, low phase error and serial or parallel control capability. 

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