Custom MMIC announced its CMD157 (die) and CMD157P3 (packaged) are GaAs MMIC low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) for applications from 6 GHz to 18 GHz. These broadband devices each offer a low noise figure of 1.5 dB, deliver >25 dB of flat gain, and have a corresponding output 1 dB compression point of +10 dBm. Both devices are 50-Ω matched designs, thus eliminating the need for external DC blocks and RF port matching. The CMD157 is suitable for chip-and-wire applications, whereas the CMD157P3 is housed in a leadless RoHS compliant 3x3 mm plastic surface mount package. The amplifiers are biased with a single positive voltage of +3.0 V at 52 mA. RF power can be applied at any time. These LNAs are positioned as much smaller, lower-cost alternatives to hybrid amplifiers in this frequency range. They are suited for broadband EW and communication systems, where small size and low power consumption are needed, and they can also be used in low noise downconverters, microwave radio receiver systems, and radar receivers.

Custom MMIC