Amphenol Industrial Global Operations offers a low cost stamped and formed contact option for its H4 solar connector, in addition to the existing machined contact.  These low cost contacts are desirable for use in both large scale PV installations and 1000V PV modules.  All H4 connectors are approved by UL for use up to 1000V on the market. The H4 meets the IEC 1000V standard, and can be used in existing systems and in new ones that require more voltage without having to increase cable size.  The dual-rated PV connector offers high current carrying capacity and low contact resistance.  The H4 also meets NEC 2008 requirements without the need for extra locking collars or locking sleeves and uses a simple unlocking tool for easy un-mating in the field. H4 connectors are also available in a version designed for easy panel mounting to combiner boxes, micro-inverters and DC optimizers.

Amphenol Industrial Global Operations