MEMSIC Inc. announced the availability of the MFA1100R gas flow sensor module. MEMSIC’s monolithic thermal technology, based on the same approach used in its highly successful accelerometer products, uses a precise differential temperature measurement to determine flow rate. Since there are no moving parts in the system, benefits include high dynamic range (turn-down ratio and sensitivity) and high reliability (no wear mechanisms), as well as small size, low power consumption, and fast response time. The MFA1100R is a complete, fully integrated gas flow sensor module. The sensing element is integrated in a monolithic CMOS process together with on-chip signal processing and embedded software. The device operates over a flow range of 0 to 100 SLM, and has a very low startup rate of 0.2 SLM, and a turndown ratio greater than 500:1. Other specifications include an accuracy of +/-1.5 percent, repeatability and hysteresis of better than +/-1.0 percent and response time of better than 100 ms.

The MFA1100R is compatible with a wide range of gasses and exhibits a very low power dissipation of 3.0 mW (under continuous operation) and operates over the -20 to + 60 degree C temperature range. The MFA1100R design is a full electronic MEMS gas flow sensor module, making it easy to integrate into either a wired or a wireless system, such as the MEMSIC eKo system, enabling it to be used to create an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI or Smart Meter).  The MFA1100R is RoHS compliant and operates from 2.7 to 5.5 V.