Binder-USA has expanded its Series 713 and 763 M12 connector line with panel mount connectors featuring screw terminations. With screw terminations it is now possible to attach wires in the field without any special tooling or soldering. This addition is ideally suited for signal and power applications requiring a solderless assembly.

 The panel mount connectors are offered with 4, 5 and 8 gold-plated contacts in male and female versions. The unique screw terminations will accept a maximum wire gauge of 16 AWG and transmit currents of up to 8 A with the 4 and 5 pin versions. In order to determine the direction of the angled cable outlet of the mating connector the 4- and 5-pin panel mount connectors can be positioned in 4 x 90 degree steps. When fully mated the connectors are IP67 rated to ensure protection from liquids and debris.

 Mating field-attachable connectors and standard cordsets are available for a complete connecting system. Custom molded cordsets are available for special order.