PARIS, June 12, 2012 — 6WIND today announced support for VMware vSphere within the 6WINDGate packet processing software. Thanks to new optimizations within 6WINDGate, developers can now implement high-performance VMware-based virtual network appliances running on low-cost commodity hardware platforms such as Intel Xeon platforms that use the Intel Data Plane Development Kit (Intel DPDK) software library. These virtual appliances deliver significant cost-performance benefits compared to traditional physical network appliances.

Facing ongoing CAPEX pressures, service providers are challenged to migrate to commodity hardware platforms as quickly as possible while continuing to deliver increased performance to end-users. At the same time, OPEX constraints require improvements in resource utilization, achieved through the efficient management of Virtual Machines (VMs) and virtual network appliances. With no way to predict the future mix of applications or the growth in workloads, networks must be architected for maximum flexibility and scalability while avoiding the complexity of instantiating multiple VMs as bandwidth requirements increase.

By supporting VMware vSphere, 6WINDGate addresses these challenges for network equipment based on VMware’s solutions. In data centers, 6WINDGate provides a high-performance packet-processing solution for virtual network appliances such as Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs), firewalls, security gateways and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs). Similarly, 6WINDGate minimizes CAPEX and OPEX for mobile infrastructure equipment where virtualization is increasingly deployed through Cloud Radio Access Network (CRAN) and virtualized Evolved Packet Core (EPC) architectures. 6WINDGate is fully compatible with standard versions of the ESX hypervisor.

“VMware’s solutions are widely used in both cloud and mobile infrastructure equipment,” said Eric Carmès, CEO of 6WIND. “We have worked closely with Intel and VMware to optimize the performance of 6WINDGate when running in a VM under the standard ESX hypervisor, deployed on Intel Xeon platforms, that use the Intel DPDK software library. Our innovative software design ensures minimal difference in packet processing performance when running on virtual appliances compared to physical appliances. 6WINDGate has already been deployed worldwide in physical LTE networking equipment and our new support for VMware has already enabled our customers to use the same technology in virtual network appliances for both data centers and mobile infrastructure.”

VMware support is available now within the 6WINDGate software. For more information please visit