Larson Electronics’ announced today the addition of the PML-7LED-3C 21 Watt Handheld LED Spotlight with permanent mounting base to its line of high power LED spotlights. This permanent mount LED spotlight produces 1,596 lumens, a light beam 650 feet long by 50 feet wide, and draws only 1.7 amps when powered from a 12 volt power source. This compact LED spotlight is durable and produces as much light as comparable halogen spotlights while using far less power. The PML-7LED is an ideal spotlight for use in military and security applications and provides high power and longer runtimes without the worry of excessive battery drain.

The Magnalight PML-7LED-3C 21 Watt permanent mount LED Spotlight is fitted with Edison Edixeon® Emitters containing CREE® LEDs and outputs  1,596 lumens of intense light for a bright and far reaching beam. This compact control light operates with any voltage from 9 to 48 Volts DC, and can be had with a choice of connecting options including 16 and 25 foot long cigarette plug cords, 21 foot long battery clamp cords, and 16 foot long straight cords with battery ring terminals for direct battery connections. These LED spotlights automatically adjust to input voltages which allows users to connect them to any vehicles, boat, heavy equipment or military and law enforcement vehicle that produces standard 12 or 24 volt dc current. These lamps are particularly well suited to use as security and spotting lights and work well when fitted to shooting platforms, turrets, roofs, armored vehicles and similar applications. These lights are ip68 rated, making them fully water and weatherproof, and are built of tough extruded aluminum with polycarbonate lenses and solid polypropylene handles for extreme durability even under demanding and abusive conditions. The LEDs in this unit are highly resistant to damage from impacts and vibrations, allowing these units to withstand rough off road conditions and abusive handling that would break filaments and shatter the glass bulbs of comparable incandescent spotlights. The mounting platform on this light is heavy duty steel and predrilled for easy mounting, and a solid propylene handle and tensioned hinge allows the operator to quickly maneuver the light as needed and lock the beam in position without having to set any locking mechanisms. Operators can simply adjust the light as needed, and once released it will hold position until moved again. These powerful spotlights draw far less current than comparable halogen spotlights, making them ideal for use in applications where operators wish to avoid excessive battery drain while operating the lights for extended periods. This permanent mount control light is highly durable, produces a tighter beam than comparable LED spotlights, draws only 1.7 amps, and provides an ideal spotlight solution for operators who require a light they can rely on under the toughest conditions.

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