Series 961/960-TX sensors from Columbia Research Labs are designed specifically to monitor vibration generated by military and commercial helicopter engines, transmissions, and airframes. The model 961, single axis, and each sensor in the Model 960-TX, triaxial, feature integrated thick film electronic signal conditioning circuitry which provides high sensitivity, temperature compensation and low impedance output drive capability. These sensor configurations are ideally suited to other vibration monitoring applications such as aircraft modal and structural analysis, shipboard engine vibration monitoring, commercial machinery vibration monitoring and as the primary vibration sensor for all predictive maintenance vibration diagnostic systems. The single axis 961 incorporates an integral two conductor shielded cable and is available with an optional top mount 10-32 connector. The triaxial 960-TX has three miniature mutually perpendicular vibration sensors mounted into a rugged machined housing which incorporates a single central mounting screw.

Columbia Research Labs