The MicroProf is the successful model from the FRT metrology tool family and is in use more than 400-fold in the industrial sector. In time for the Control show, the leading trade fair for industrial metrology in Germany, FRT is presenting the new version of the internationally established multisensor measuring device. The MicroProf excels in its ease of operation with very high reliability of the measurements.

Higher scanning speed and new measurement options
The latest version of this workhorse appeals by its many improvements and further developments of the tried and trusted technology. The new MicroProf generation is equipped with a wider range of travel of the scanning table, a higher scanning speed, vibration damping as serial equipment, production-oriented housing with a control console and monitor arm and a whole lot more. Furthermore, the CWL topography sensor employed as standard has been upgraded to 4 kHz. This allows achievement of markedly shorter measuring times. The software for automated measurement and analysis has also been completely revised and offers additional new measurement options in addition to increased user-friendliness.

Equipped for individual measurement tasks
Importance has been attached to even greater modularity in the latest MicroProf. This directly benefits the customer. The additional equipment and also retrofitting of the most diverse multisensory configurations is now even easier to perform. FRT supplies a wide selection of point sensors, field of view sensors, film thickness sensors and even a scanning force microscope (AFM) for this purpose in order to cover the customers' individual measurement requirements. The device can even be upgraded at the customer's premises to TTV metrology according to the currently applicable SEMI standards. In this case, a second CWL sensor is incorporated which measures the components to be investigated from underneath in parallel with the current measurement. Furthermore, the surface measuring device can likewise be retrofitted on site at the customer's premises with a complete wafer handling module for automatic loading (MHU).