Larson Electronics’ announced today the addition of the EPL-PM-1X30LED-TP1-100 quad-pod mounted explosion proof LED light to its line of heavy duty hazardous location LED lighting products. Approved for Class 1 Group C and D locations, this LED light tower combines the stability of a four leg aluminum quad-pod tower design with the versatility of a removable pedestal mount LED lamp and multi-voltage operation.

The EPL-PM-1X30LED-TP1-100 quad-pod mounted explosion proof LED light from is designed to provide powerful illumination and portable operation for operators in hazardous locations.  Designed for high stability and to withstand heavy duty use, this LED light tower is constructed of aluminum and equipped with four outrigger legs supporting an adjustable mast topped with an explosion proof 30 watt LED pedestal lamp. This heavy duty light tower can be adjusted from 4.5 feet to 12 feet in height and the lamp assembly adjusted vertically and horizontally for maximum coverage of the work area. The light weight mast and outrigger leg assembly is collapsible and the LED lamp head can be removed, allowing operators to easily break the tower down and transport it in the back of vehicles.  The 30 watt explosion proof LED lamp on this unit is a pedestal design and produces approximately 2,000 lumens of bright white light with good contrast and color reproducing qualities. The LED lamp assembly on this tower is designed to allow operators to remove the lamp assembly and use the lamp as a simple pedestal light if desired. This enhanced portability allows operators to remove the lamp and place it in areas where using a tower is impractical or unsafe. The LED lamp assembly uses less power and runs cooler than typical incandescent work lamps, making this a safer and more efficient lighting option. As well as cooler operation and improved safety, the LED design of this lamp provides added value with a 50,000+ hour rated operational life and high resistance to damage from impacts and vibrations. This light is designed to operate with common 120 VAC current and is also available in 220-240 VAC and 12/24 VDC configurations for those who require the ability to utilize these currents. This quad-pod LED tower lamp is explosion proof approved for Class 1 Group C and D environments and is suitable for use in wet marine environments where the corrosive and damaging effects of salt water can be an issue.

“The EPL-PM-1X30LED-TP1-100 explosion proof LED light is the newest addition to our growing family of quad-pod explosion proof light towers,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’  “This Class 1 Division 1 LED light on quad-pod can be easily collapsed and redeployed at new worksite locations with ease.  Moreover, the quad-pod tower was constructed to allow operators to detach and use the LED light head in a pedestal mount configuration separate from the tower when worksite tower lighting is not practical in smaller hazardous location areas.”

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