Osram Opto Semiconductors’ new laser bars offer extremely high efficiency of up to 65 percent at 200 Watts optical output power and can simplify the design of laser systems and reduce their cost, according to the company. The SPL BKxx-40WFT produces infrared radiation in various wavelengths ranging from 915 nm to 1,020 nm. As a result of their efficiency values, the bars are positioned to achieve a long operating lifetime, amply meeting the requirements for industrial laser systems. Besides the optical pumping of fiber lasers, direct processing of metals – welding , brazing, cutting, hardening, cladding and coating – for use in automotive manufacturing is one of the main applications of infrared lasers with more than 1 kW of power. Direct diode lasers are the most efficient laser light sources for such fiber-coupled systems and are a more efficient alternative to the carbon dioxide lasers that have been traditionally used.

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