Cables Unlimited's OptiFlex hybrid cabling solutions are specified for wireless carriers updating their networks to 4G technologies, WiMAX, LTE, etc. because they deliver optimal low loss performance with less cost than standard tower configurations. Time and money is saved in several ways: fewer tower runs, deployment lengths up to 550 feet with <10% voltage drop (based on radio power up to 950 watts), reduced or eliminated tower hardware, eliminated grounding cables, shipping and deployment cost savings because of lower weight and more efficient site installations. Cables arrive pre-terminated with appropriate breakouts, weatherized and ready to “plug and play” with standard tools and basic fiber and power testers.

All OptiFlex hybrid cables are produced to customer specifications combining coax, multiple fiber, Ethernet and power cables bundles within a rugged UV, heat and moisture resistant PVC outer jacket that can withstand harsh weather conditions or direct burial. These custom cables are weatherized from end to breakouts, insuring optimal performance in environments up to 75 degrees centigrade wet or dry. All assemblies are US manufactured—pre-terminated by Corning Gold certified technicians in our New York production facility using Corning fiber components and domestic cables, fillers, shielding and jackets.

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