Teseq offers a development kit that allows automotive technicians and engineers to design their own pulse networks.  By using the FLX 5510 in conjunction with Teseq’s NSG 5500, automotive EMC laboratories can design their own pulses as well as meet unique and custom specifications including pulse impedance, peak voltage, pulse width and pulse width under load.  Compatible with all NSG 5500 systems, the kit does not require firmware or additional upgrades.  Included with each FLX 5510 are two DIY 5510 sub-modules, one with a fully-functional example circuit as well as an empty one ready for use.  By plugging the DIY sub-module into the FLX 5510, users can design a pulse network that meets their own particular needs.  Used in conducted immunity testing, engineering investigations, quality control, fault analysis and weak-spot analysis, the kit is designed for applications with special pulse waveform requirements. It has a pulse network peak current of 300 A, a pulse network maximum voltage of 660 V and a maximum pulse width of 30 ms. A step-by-step software wizard is included.  By using this tool, users can easily design their own specialized pulses, eliminating guesswork.  A writeable and erasable surface allows users to mark the name of their project on the front of the unit. The FLX 5510 is fully integrated into Teseq’s AutoStar immunity software that includes sequencing and reporting. 

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