triaxial connectorsIntelliconnect (Europe) Ltd, has extended its range of high-reliability Triaxial connectors. Two new families of Triax connectors are now available; the TRB series bayonet connectors and the TRT series featuring a threaded coupling. These connectors are suitable for high or low volume applications, feature a high integrity clamp construction, and they are weatherproof. Features include low noise, isolated ground, non constant impedance, and they may be used with both Twinax or Triax cable types. Triaxial connectors are commonly used in industrial, broadcast and medical applications, including nuclear medicine camera cables where reduced ‘noise’ or interference levels are required and to ensure accurate measurements in medical dosiometry systems. The standard double screening of Intelliconnect Triax connectors makes them desirable in military and aerospace applications by providing high EMC integrity.

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