Gigahertz-Optik has developed a measurement system for LED binning consisting of the BTS256-LED tester and LPS-20-1500 LED power supply with S-BTS256 software to assist with single pulse LED binning. Both meter, power supply and control software work in tandem to drive and measure the test LED in single pulse mode and record the results. The BTS256-LED Tester is designed for high accuracy measurement of luminous flux, spectral and color data of single assembled and unassembled LEDs in the visible spectrum. The BTS256’s bi-technology light sensor offers a fine photometric response photodiode for accurate wide dynamic range flux detection. Along with the integral detector a compact low stray light spectrometer is installed for spectral color measurements. The Bi-Tec sensor photodiode operates in fast data logger mode with 1ms sampling rate which can be used for pulse form profiling measurements. The BTS256-LED is powered through its USB adapter when connected to PC. The LPS-20-1500 is a microprocessor-based current and voltage source especially designed for the operation of LEDs and other semiconductor light sources requiring low noise. It operates up to 1500 mA with 30-μA resolution and up to 24 V with 0.5-mV resolution. It is set-up for full remote control operation in CW or single pulse operation mode. Either current or voltage can be measured with high 16-bit ADC resolution. Its I/O interface supports trigger-in and trigger-out operation in flash mode. The S-BTS256-LED software supplied supports the set-up of the measurement device and source and the synchronized measurement.

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