Cornell Dubilier announced the availability of its Type 947D high energy density DC link capacitors for larger inverter systems. The capacitor is suitable for DC link applications where high bus voltage, high capacitance, and high ripple current are required for smoothing and filtering. Compared with major competitive types, this DC link capacitor is asserted to offer up to 20 percent more capacitance in the same size case with lower ESR and higher ripple current ratings. Since a fused, segmented metallization pattern is used, the capacitors offer desirable open circuit protection and control of capacitance loss. The pattern is deposited on a low-loss, high-grade polypropylene dielectric. Built-in fuse links limit capacitance loss to a small segment within the capacitor in lieu of the larger areas of uncontrolled capacitance loss observed with non-segmented types. Available in 130 µF to 3600 µF and rms current ratings in excess of 100 A, The 947D DC link capacitors are packaged in cylindrical aluminum cases with diameters of 85, 90, 100 and 116 mm. Voltage ratings range from 800 V to 1300 VDC. 

The heavy duty M8x20 threaded studs or optional M6 threaded inserts are used to connect the high current terminals to the inverter’s bus. An optional M12 mounting stud at the bottom of the case provides a robust mechanical connection where needed. Where increased strike distance between live parts is important for applications, the UL94V-0 plastic top offers greater terminal-to-case and terminal-to-terminal insulation.

With a 200,000 hour life expectancy at nameplate ratings of current, voltage and temperature, the 947D DC Link capacitor will excel at providing reliable filtering and smoothing for today’s demanding applications in inverters for wind and solar energy, electric vehicles, motor drives, UPS systems, and more.

In OEM quantities, Type 947D capacitors are available with pricing from $35.

Cornell Dubilier