TDK Corporation has expanded its portfolio of TDK X8R multilayer ceramic chip capacitors with new types that offer up to twice the capacitance of existing components with the same dimensions, according to the company. At the same time, they are able to withstand the high operating temperatures encountered in car engine compartments. These advances were made possible by the development of a new dielectric material that maintains desirable reliability and thermal characteristics even in extreme environments. The new X8R MLCCs are available for rated voltages of 16, 25, 50 VDC and cover a capacitance range of between 10 nF and 10 µF. They are available in case sizes of between 1005 and 3225, depending on their voltage and capacitance values. The new X8R MLCCs feature a temperature range from -55 to +150 °C with a maximum capacitance drift of ±15 percent, a key requirement for applications in the engine compartments of cars. They also offer exceptional smoothing circuit performance, for example, in switch-mode power supplies required by industrial equipment.

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