CLK SeriesC&K Components has developed a new component concept for complex automotive human machine interfaces (HMIs). Designated the CLK Series, the energy-free electromechanical device provides consistent, self-guided motion with uniform haptic feedback for automotive touch-sensing HMI applications. Automotive HMIs that feature capacitive controls, such as touchpads or touchscreens, can integrate the CLK Series inside their architecture to make them ‘clickable’.

“By providing an energy-free tact switch solution that delivers ‘clickable’ functionality and excellent haptic feedback, our CLK Series offers a unique alternative to other HMI-integrated component concepts,” said Eric Grange, senior product manager at C&K Components. “In addition, the CLK Series is adaptable to any surface size, opening new possibilities for car interior systems.”

The advanced CLK Series switches contain a patented mechanical structure interfaced with haptic elements, such as a tact switch, that complements a touch surface and allows for its motion. The CLK Series offers a scalable design architecture that is customizable for different types of automotive controls that require specific size and haptic feedback.