magnetic absolute rotary encoderPOSITAL's Magnetocode (MCD) absolute rotary encoders with analog output (voltage or current) are positioned as an alternative to single- or multi-turn potentiometers in systems that use analog instrumentation to measure and control rotary motion. While these devices provide an analog output to the control circuit, their internal electronics are primarily digital, with operating parameters – including scale and sensitivity – that can be programmed on-site by the user through a pushbutton and LED interface. This means, for example, that an MCD encoder could be programmed to precisely emulate the characteristics of a potentiometer. Alternatively, an MCD could be programmed so that the full scale of the output - voltage or current - precisely covers a preset range of rotation, thereby improving overall system accuracy. Based on magnetic Hall-effect sensors, these devices experience none of the wear, corrosion etc. that can degrade the accuracy of conventional potentiometers. These encoders are built to operate reliably in harsh conditions and feature tough enclosures that protect the measurement components from mechanical loads, shock and vibration, dust and moisture (up to IP 69K ratings).

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