B&K Precision announced models 2540B-GEN and 2542B-GEN – the latest additions to its 2540B Series of digital storage oscilloscopes. The integration of function/arbitrary waveform generation capability into these 60 MHz and 100 MHz, 1 GSa/s DSOs provides a two-in-one test instrument for signal analysis and stimulus response testing. With the integrated 20-MHz AWG in the 2540B-GEN and 40-MHz AWG in the 2542B-GEN, users can generate sine, square, and arbitrary waveforms from the oscilloscope's generator output terminal. The combination of a DSO and AWG allows users to capture and store signals directly from the oscilloscope's channels to the generator's internal memory. User-defined arbitrary waveforms can also be edited through Comsoft PC software and then uploaded to the instrument. Other features of the built-in AWG include frequency sweep, burst mode, and a wide variety of modulation schemes such as AM, FM, FSK, PSK, and PWM.

The 2540B-GEN and 2542B-GEN retain the significant highlights of the 2540B and 2542B DSOs, whose features include an impressive deep memory up to 2.4 Mpts and built-in LAN interface. Both models also maintain the lightweight and portable form factor of their non-hybrid counterparts, and continue to include valuable tools such as pulse width, video and slope triggering, digital filtering, waveform recorder, pass/fail testing, FFT, and math functions.

Now accessible through the LAN interface is complete front panel emulation of the oscilloscope and built-in AWG allowing the DSOs to be fully web-enabled. Screenshots can also be captured from a web browser at a user-configurable refresh rate.

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