vid management systemCurtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS) has introduced a new approach for deployed platform video management. The new VRD1-CC integrates switching, recording and network distribution of High Definition (HD) video for aerospace and defense platforms in a single compact rugged unit. The device is said to be the industry’s first video management system (VMS) to deliver comprehensive functionality, that previously required multiple or expensive customized systems, in a single unit optimized for SWaP-C constrained platforms. According to the company, it speeds and simplifies the integration of HD VMS for military applications deployed in harsh environments, such as vetronics and avionics. The conduction-cooled VRD1-CC (an air-cooled variant is also planned) is a lightweight, compact subsystem. A single unit combines six (6) channels of full resolution HD 30fps MPEG4 H.264 compression, video and audio recording with metadata/event markers, and Ethernet video distribution or storage to disk. A simple, intuitive man-machine interface provides an on-board or remote operator with complete access to the VRD1-CC’s wide range of VMS options and functionality. This VMS supports up to 18 video inputs in a mix of different standards, including HD-SDI, RGB and DVI. These video inputs can then be easily routed to any of the 12 video outputs for real-time viewing or routed to the system’s real-time HD video compression subsystem for recording or distribution over a standard Ethernet network.

Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions