Infineon MOSFETInfineon Technologies introduced its new OptiMOS 40-V and 60-V power MOSFET families. These devices are optimized for synchronous rectification in Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) such as those deployed in servers and desktop PCs. In addition, they are appropriate for industrial applications such as motor control, solar micro inverters and fast switching DC/DC converters. Implemented on Infineon’s advanced thin wafer technology, the company asserts its new OptiMOS 40-V and 60-V families offer 35 percent lower R DS(on) and lower gate charge (Q g) reducing the Figure of Merit (R DS(on) x Q g) by 45 percent when compared to alternative devices. This allows power loss reduction of ten percent, according to the company, when the devices are used in the secondary side rectification of a server power supply. A monolithically integrated Schottky-like diode in the 1-mOhm and 1.4-mOhm 40V SuperSO8 devices reduces the reverse recovery charge (Q rr) in synchronous rectification applications. This leads to low conduction losses and high efficiency. Furthermore, significant reduction of the voltage overshoot reduces the need for snubber circuitry, according to the company.

Infineon Technologies