enhanced bassKnowles Sound Solutions has launched a sound enhancing technology to increase the acoustic performance in consumer devices with small form factors. N‘Bass stands for “enhanced bass,“ and it is said to enable the smallest possible acoustic designs in smart phones, tablets and other portable media devices. This Virtual Back Volume technology is a custom-developed material which increases the back volume seen by the loudspeaker by up to 100 percent, according to the company. It is said to provide either better acoustic performance – specifically more bass – or smaller loudspeaker box designs while keeping the same performance. It also facilitates the use of bigger loudspeakers, thus providing desirable sound performance within the same gross application volume. Similar to a sponge, the N’Bass material adsorbs the air in the loudspeaker box. In this way, it virtually increases the available back volume for the loudspeaker. In addition, the material is non-conductive and has no negative influence on antenna performance.

Knowles Sound Solutions
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