dynamic signal analyzersVTI Instruments introduced its Sentinel EX Series of “Smart” Dynamic Signal Analyzers (DSA). This series features measurement performance of 625 ksamples/sec/channel data rates, true differential inputs with common mode performance of -120 dB, spurious free dynamic range of -125 dB, desirable IEPE excitation flexibility, and fully programmable from 2 mA to 20 mA. Access to corporate wide cloud data management offers advanced test data availability, security and storage services throughout the organization, while AXI-based open-platform FPGA synthetic instrument customization combines nearly unlimited user-defined computational, processing and control possibilities. MATLAB and Simulink model based design tools provide access to hundreds of standard filters and algorithms such as real-time distributed analysis. The SentinelEX Series suits a wide range of applications including acoustics, modal, order analysis and machine condition monitoring.

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