Wavien, Inc. demonstrates and ultra-high brightness with over 7,000 nits LED back light LCD Micro Cube for video wall applications using their proprietary Recycling LED Technology (RLT). These Micro Cubes can be used for outdoor advertisement with over 7,000 nits of brightness. Two Micro Cubes are being demonstrated at the CES trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 10th - 13th, 2012, booth number 21712, showing both the technology and the ability to be assembled into a video wall. 

"The number of LED digital billboards has been getting more popular in the last couple of years indicating that advertisers would like to move digital advertisement contents from indoors to outdoors. The modular design of the Micro Cube is very suited for the construction of a video wall with the versatility of various stacking designs," stated Dr. Kenneth Li, President and CEO of Wavien, Inc., who is also the inventor of the technology. "The high brightness achieved using the LED with long life allows digital contents to be displayed both indoors and outdoors with high visibility, and low cost. As a licensing company, we are very excited to work with potential licensees to implement such technology into commercial products," Dr. Li added.